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You use a kitchen every day, but buying one is not an everyday occurrence. This can make choosing quite challenging. Of course, you want to make the right choice, one that you will enjoy for many years. We are happy to help you with that! Therefore, you can count on us for personal advice, quality products, and the best service.

About us
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SieMatic Lifestyle PURE SLX | Gouden accenten | Satink Keukens
SieMatic lifestyle URBAN | Moderne keuken | Satink Keukens
SieMatic Lifestyle CLASSIC | Klassieke kandelaar | Satink Keukens
SieMatic lifestyle MONDIAL | Marmeren keuken | Satink Keukens
Which lifestyle suits you?

The SieMatic lifestyles

Luxury kitchen brand SieMatic closely follows all trends and developments related to the different lifestyles of its users. This has resulted in the four SieMatic lifestyles PURE, URBAN, CLASSIC and MONDIAL. Each of these lifestyles perfectly reflects the user's personality. This makes it possible to design a kitchen that completely suits you and your lifestyle.
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Experience it in our kitchen showroom

At Satink, it’s about more than just the kitchen. That is why our kitchen showroom is fully arranged according to the various lifestyles. Experience it yourself!

Let the lifestyles inspire you
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Your dream kitchen within reach

My First Satink

At Satink, we have already been able to provide many households with a fantastic kitchen and hope to continue doing so in the future. That is why we have put together a range that allows a kitchen to be assembled for every generation, every phase of life, and every budget. This way, we can be your kitchen friend for life!

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Cognac bruine keuken | Satink Keukens
No matter how big or small your space is

A kitchen for everyone

At Satink Keukens you can always succeed, no matter what budget or available space you have. Besides SieMatic, our collection includes kitchens by kitchen brands concept130, Pronorm and Systemat. Our advisers will be happy to guide you through all the options based on your wishes!

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