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Achtergrond wit marmer | Satink Keukens
A beautiful kitchen design for every budget

Our kitchen brands

At Satink Keukens, you have a choice of various high-quality kitchens from the brands concept130, Pronorm, Systemat, and SieMatic. Each kitchen furniture manufacturer has its own product characteristics. In our showroom in Zwolle, we have set up and styled more than 75 complete kitchen presentations, in different layouts, styles, and price ranges. In addition to these unique presentations, we also have the lifestyle elements from well-known designers such as Walter Knoll, Tom Dixon, Flos, and Minotti. Based on all the available elements, you can experience which kitchen best suits your wishes and possibilities. We will gladly tell you more about the different kitchen brands.

Achtergrond wit marmer | Satink Keukens
Bali walnoot keuken concept130 | Satink Keukens
Bristol omber natuur keuken | concept130 | Satink Keukens
Porto Selection Blackberry Seitlich | concept130 | Satink Keukens
Toronto zwarte eiken keuken | concept130 | Satink Keukens
Innovative kitchen design


With a concept130 kitchen, you can easily create your own dream kitchen! concept130 offers numerous possibilities in terms of composition, layout, color, and technology. With logical height structures and a clear model range, you have a very affordable high-quality kitchen that will last for many years.

A perfect combination of form, function, design and color.
Achtergrond wit marmer | Satink Keukens
Pronorm proline128 oud eiken natuur | Satink Keukens
Pronorm Y-line Terrazzo Goudbruin | Satink Keukens
Pronorm proline128 Angora grijs ultramat | Satink Keukens
Pronorm X-line Hemlock Lava | Satink Keukens
Unlimited possibilities


Pronorm kitchens are characterized by high-quality and strong materials. Additionally, these kitchens have unique designs and an optimal price-quality ratio.

Pronorm combines perfectly with design appliances.
Zwarte Pronorm eilandkeuken bij Satink Keukens
Achtergrond wit marmer | Satink Keukens
Systemat AV 6023 GL eiken elegant | Satink Keukens
Systemat AV 2135 kristwalwit | Satink Keukens
Systemat AV 2040 fijn eiken zwart | Satink Keukens
Systemat AV 6082 GL walnoot | AV 2135 GL zwart | Satink Keukens
Flexibility in design


Systemat's design kitchens feature a creative and well-thought-out design. They also meet the highest standards in terms of functionality. A possible downside is color stress. The Systemat kitchen is available in almost every imaginable color variant.

Kitchens produced according to sustainable, high-quality standards.
Systemat eilandkeuken bij Satink Keukens
Mat afgewerkte keuken wit | Satink Keukens
Hoogwaardige materialen in luxe keukens | Satink Keukens
Exclusief keukendesign op maat | Satink Keukens
Roze greeploze vrijstaande keuken | Satink Keukens
Exclusieve SieMatic keukens bij Satink Keukens
A truly amazing experience


SieMatic kitchens are elegant, timeless, and have a luxurious appearance. With the four lifestyles PURE, URBAN, CLASSIC, and MONDIAL, there is always a kitchen that perfectly matches your personal life phase. A SieMatic kitchen is the materialization of your identity.

Step into the world of SieMatic.
SieMatic bij Satink Keukens