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1500m² of SieMatic kitchens

SieMatic Kitchens

With as much as 1500m² of exclusive, luxurious and timeless SieMatic kitchens, we offer a very wide range of designer kitchens. On the upper floor of our kitchen showroom, you will only find kitchens by this exclusive designer brand! SieMatic has been making kitchens for over 90 years based on the belief that kitchens are much more than just the heart of a home. By combining high-quality materials and years of expertise, unique kitchens are created that are precisely aligned to the customer's wishes and needs. Thanks to its well-thought-out kitchen design, SieMatic has also won several internationally recognised design awards. SieMatic kitchens are divided into four lifestyles that reflect the personality of the users: PURE, URBAN, CLASSIC and MONDIAL. We would like to take you through the different lifestyles.

Satink keukens | SieMatic URBAN keukens
Versatile and unique SieMatic URBAN

A kitchen within the SieMatic URBAN lifestyle is characterised by a distinctive look and appealing contrasts. A SieMatic URBAN kitchen is exuberant and calm at the same time, just like the city life, on which the lifestyle is based.

SieMatic keukens | Lifestyle URBAN | Satink Keukens
Verlichte greeplijsten | SieMatic SLX | Satink Keukens
SieMatic PURE | Keukenshowroom Zwolle | Satink Keukens
Vitrinekast SieMatic SLX | Keukendecoratie | Satink Keukens
Designkeukens | Showroom Zwolle | Satink Keukens
Elegant and minimalistic

SieMatic PURE

The credo ‘less is more’ fits SieMatic PURE perfectly. The minimalist and very clean design of a SieMatic PURE kitchen gives you the space to appreciate its true beauty.


Work with a contrasting colour to make the modern kitchen speak even more. Suitable kitchens are also available in this style for every budget. Feel free to ask one of our kitchen consultants!

Moderne eilandkeuken | Verhoogde bar | Satink Keukens
Detailbeeld keukenaccessoires | SieMatic CLASSIC | Satink Keukens
SieMatic CLASSIC | Kroonluchter in keuken | Satink Keukens
Klassieke keuken met moderne details | Satink Keukens
Symmetrical and playful


Classic design elements are blended with modern design elements to create an interesting entirety, which forms the basis of the SieMatic lifestyle CLASSIC. Seemingly contradictory details combine to form a stunning unity.

"Kitchens of a new era"
SieMatic keukens | Lifestyle Classic | Satink Keukens
Achtergrond groen marmer | Satink Keukens
SieMatic keukens | Lifestyle MONDIAL | Satink Keukens
SieMatic design keuken | Ronde keukenvormen | Satink Keukens
Verlichte vitrinekast | SieMatic lifestyle MONDIAL | Satink Keukens
Expressive and geometric


Round shapes and geometric details shape the design of the SieMatic MONDIAL lifestyle. The kitchens within this lifestyle always manage to captivate with a surprising and daring design!

"Meet SieMatic's latest style world."
SieMatic lifestyle MONDIAL | Satink Keukens
Kitchen inspiration
Our specialists are at your service

Satink the SieMatic kitchen showroom

We understand if you feel overwhelmed by that many options. Fortunately, our SieMatic kitchen specialists are always there to guide you through the SieMatic style worlds.

Our kitchen specialists are extensively trained and have the knowledge and skills you would expect from a design brand like SieMatic. They are also frequently updated on the latest trends and developments.

Feel welcome in the SieMatic brand room in our kitchen showroom. Here you can explore all the brand's possibilities at your leisure with a SieMatic kitchen specialist. Together we will find a kitchen that is tailored to your wishes and needs, the kitchen of your dreams!

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